Virtual Collaboration 

OSDD promotes virtual scientific collaborations, through the web based research portal OSDD – SysBorg 2.0 (Systems Biology of the Organism). SysBorg, OSDD’s web portal has been developed pro-bono by Infosys Technologies and is currently used by over more than 7900 members of OSDD community from 130 countries. SysBorg is amalgamation of social networking features like that of Facebook and Orkut and those of collaborative research portal for presentation and exchange of scientific information over the web.

SysBorg acts as virtual laboratory framework for the students and researchers across the globe to carry out scientific discussions share scientific data and ideas, seek collaborations and funding and organize and manage research projects. Researchers and students interested in contributing towards the cause of OSDD are encouraged to create a user account on Sysborg. Once an account is created, users can post their ideas, on the portal and develop projects based on ideas. The social networking features like friend requests, chat and scrapbook incorporated in the portal enables researchers to connect with similar projects and locate persons with similar or complimentary skills and carry out discussions. This in turn helps in the building up of virtual teams, with members interacting online and contributing to user chosen projects. One of the significant features of OSDD program is facilitating open access to experimental data and open sharing of ideas and results .The traditional practice of safe guarding results and data till publication has been replaced by SysBorg’s electronic open lab notebooks which allow all the community members to access the data. At the same time credit points are assured to the contributors. Your ideas are protected following a unique concept called micro attribution and date and time stamping. This keeps record of the inputs and contributions made by individual users in the form of discussions, blog entries, ideas and contributions to projects. Along with open access to data and results SysBorg also facilitates posting funding requests online and open peer review that expedites faster release of funds with assured transparency and possibility for all the community members to evaluate the merits of the project for which funding is requested.