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Founding PIs

Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj
A data scientist by choice and biologist by training has passion for open science. As one the founding PIs of the OSDD project designed, implemented and lead crowdsourcing initiatives of OSDD to offer a structure to widespread student engagement in the process of understanding mycobacterial biology, computational methods of drug discovery and to provide a comprehensive overview of drug discovery and drug development domains. Her lab is interested in generating data for systems level modeling, predicting drug-like compounds, understanding the pharmacokinetics of anti-TB drugs for drug re-purposing with specific emphasis on host genotype, exploring mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance,, to name a few. She served as an Associate scientific advisor to Science Translational Medicine and is on the Editorial board of Journal of Genetics, Review Editor for Frontiers in Systems Biology, Protein Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics. She has several honors and awards to her credit. Main focus of her research team is to elucidate fundamental and applied aspects of the key metabolic subsystems in a variety of pathogenic bacteria. Applications include identification of novel drug targets and structure-based development of novel anti-infective agents as well as identification of novel diagnostic approaches. In addition to community building, she also lead development and maintenance of Sysborg2,0, OSDDChem Design and other OSDD portals for systematic data capture, project management, tracking projects for translation and linking complementary skills for creating teams for delivery oriented outcomes.
More at https://sites.google.com/view/anshub/home

Dr. Vinod Scaria
Vinod Scaria is a clinician and computational biologist. His laboratory is interested in understanding the function, organization and regulation of vertebrate genome, and how genomic variations could potentially impact them. He is also involved in creating novel methods and resources for analysis and annotation of genomes and understanding the functional impact of genomic variations. He has been part of pioneering collaborative genomics projects aimed at understanding the South Asian and Middle Eastern genome diversity. He has been part of the whole genome sequencing and analysis projects including the Indian, Sri-Lankan and Malaysian genome projects and is a member of the HUGO Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative (HUGO-PAPGI) task-force. He is also the co-founder of the Genomics for Understanding Rare Disease: India Alliance Network (GUaRDIAN), which is the pioneer and one of the largest networks of clinicians and researchers in India working on rare genetic diseases. He has adopted novel and creative strategies, such as the use of artificial intelligence, social media, and the participation of a large number of undergraduate students in collaborative genomics projects. In OSDD, he lead the design and development of Sysborg2.0 portal along with the core team. he also lead cheminformatics crowdsourcing activities and lead to generation of a large number of machine learning based models for the same.
More at https://vinodscaria.rnabiology.org/