Dr. T.S Balganesh, Head OSDD Unit


Distinguished Scientist 
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research 
Open Source Drug Discovery Unit

Dr T.S Balganesh, a CSIR Distinguished Scientist, heads the OSDD unit and provides scientific guidance to the principal investigators regarding implementation of scientific projects aimed at enhancing drug discovery portfolio of OSDD and its clinical development programs.

Dr Balganesh obtained his PhD from the University of Calcutta followed by Post Doctoral research at the Brookhaven National Lab, USA and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, West Berlin, Germany. He has been associated with AstraZeneca India (AZI) for over two decades and has been instrumental in AZI being recognized as one of the leading pharmaceutical organisations in TB. He is a global expert on TB and other infectious diseases and has vast experience in leading drug discovery and development as manifested by delivering the first anti-TB compound AZD5847 from AZI, which is currently in advanced clinical trials. Apart from AZD5847, he has been the force behind building a strong portfolio in AZI, which is expected to deliver new compounds into the clinic every 18 months. He has also led AstraZeneca in the European Union Frame Work 6 consortium entitled ―New Medicines for Tuberculosis and is also the Steering Committee member for the European Union Frame Work 7 consortium entitled ―More medicines for Tuberculosis. Dr Balganesh has successfully fostered global collaborations of AZI with non-profit organizations such as Global Alliance TB (GATB) and Wellcome Trust.

Recognizing his outstanding work in the field of TB and Malaria drug discovery, The University of Uppsala has, in 2011 awarded Dr Balganesh an Honorary Doctorate. In addition, he has been actively involved in several academic collaborations with scientists at various institutions across India such as Indian Institute of Science and has encouraged several entrepreneurs and start ups in Bangalore. drugs for TB. Dr Balganesh has been on the advisory committee and research council of several leading CSIR and other institutes across India. His wide range of experience in pharmaceutical industry with expertise in drug dis-covery and clinical development along with academic credentials and the strong passion in developing drugs for TB will accelerate the progress of OSDD towards affordable drugs for Tuberculosis.