Project Leaders

                                             Dr Sarala Balachandran                          
                                   Chief Scientist, CSIR-OSDD


                                                Geetha Vani Rayasam
                                   Principal Scientist, OSDD Unit

Haridas Baburao Rode
Senior Scientist


Details of OSDD Project(s):
The compounds which initially show anti-TB activity  are hits which need to be taken to the lead and candidate stage. After adequate pre-clinical studies will then progress into the clinical trials. The clincial trials need to be conducted in a highly regulated environment. We at OSDD aim to go through all these stages to get the drug out into the market and realize the motto of 'Affordable Healthcare for All'
Short Bio-Data:
Broad Area of Research: Drug discovery and development

Comprehensive and indepth expertise obtained on all aspects of the drug discovery in academic and pharmaceutical industry. PhD in organic chemistry, worked in India (CIMAP, CDRI, Ranbaxy, Nicholas Piramal), England (Cambridge     University), Canada (Institute Armand Frappier) and the US (VirginiaTech) in oncology, inflammation, metabolic disorders and anti-infectives as exemplified in about 40 publications and patents in this area. Led collaborative projects with multi-national companies (GSK & Merck). Currently involved in various aspects of OSDD with special emphasis on taking forward the PA-824regimen into phase IIb clinical trials in India. Know More 

Details of OSDD Project(s):

From the Mtb interactome studies multiple sigma factors have been identified as potential drug targets (Vashisht et al., 2012, PLoS ONE 7(7):e39808). The concept of targeting multiple targets of a pathway or network is being explored using sigma factors-RNA polymerase interaction as a model.This project involves establishing proof of principle in Mtb/M.smegmatis that disruption of core RNA pol- sigma interaction affects viability.

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Broad Area of Research: Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell biology,Assay development and screening, drug discovery.

Details of OSDD Project(s):

Synthesis of neolignans for anti-TB activity”. In this project we would like to focus on the random screening approach where different proposed molecules will be synthesized and screened against M. tuberculosis. Many natural products are reported in the literature including Licarin A and B, Costunolide, Diospyrin, Tryptanthrin, a-Mangostin, Falcarindiol which have been shown to posses anti-TB activity. Licarin A in particular is very interesting neolignan which has shown activity against wild type as well as MDR strains of M. tb. It has shown MIC of 3.12 µg/mL against a clinical isolate resistant to STR, INH, RIF, EMB, RFB, ETH, and OFX. Here we propose few modifications of Licarin A and their synthesis. We propose to screen hits of primary assay in the macrophage infected with MDR M. tuberculosis assay.

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Elastase inhibitors, kinase inhibitors, functional probe to dissect oncogenic signaling pathway dependencies in cellular systems and understanding the drug-receptor interactions at cellular level. I joined CSIR in 2011. Currently I lead the Medicinal Chemistry activities of OSDD