A Question of Science - Open Source Drug Discovery

OSDD in News 

Optimise R&D costs, don’t raise drug prices | Business Line, Oct 19 2013

CSIR pushes for TB, malaria drug finds | The Times of India, Sep 18 2013

CSIR, Royal Society of Chemistry team up to support OSDD efforts: Minister | PharmaBiz.com, Aug 09 2013

Pharmacists told to work in PHCs too Indian Express, June 03 2013 

OSSD to form chemical libraries Deccan Chronicle, May 19 2013

Where are the drugs for tropical diseases?  Business Line, May 12 2013

Affordable drugs: Cloud-based Cure  Business Today, Jan 06 2013

CSIR gearing up for trial of drug molecule for TB  The Hindu, October 05 2012

CSIR reaches out to college students The Hindu, March 07 2012 

Open source drugs may cure TB, Malaria | Deccan Chronicle, 24 April 2012

Open source medicine puts health above profits | IDG News Services Computer World, April 23 2012

Need for New TB Drugs |The Hindu, March 25 2012

World TB Day : Need to Raise Public Funds 
| The Economic times, March 24 2012

CSIR reaches out to college students 
| The Hindu, March 07 2012

In search of a perfect cure 
| The Hindu, March 05 2012 

Crowd-Sourcing Drug Discovery 
| Science, Feb 24 2012

All About Chemistry | Hindustan Times, Jan 10 2012

First molecule with drug likeness submitted to OSDDChem 
| Malayala Manorama, Sept 24 2011

BBC World News on OSDD
| Angela Saini reports from India,March 30 2010

Open Source Drug Discover (OSDD) Projec

Students roped in for TB drug hunt | Times of India CSIR’s Drug Discovery Programme Targets Budding Scientists In Univ Labs, March 19 2009

The Best Thing to Come Out of India Since “Slumdog Millionaire” | Global Health Policy, March 11 2009

Open-source drug discovery could help curb TB | Business World, Feb 06 2009

India Takes an Open Source Approach to Drug Discovery
 | Cell, Vol 133, 201-203, April 18 2008

Open Lab | Financial Express, March 03, 2008

Succeeding at open-source innovation: An interview with Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker and the USD $34 million Indian Government plan for Opensource Drug Development

Govt to rope in young minds to invent cheaper drugs | The Economic Times 20 Dec, 2007

Open source' urged for TB drug design effort SciDev.net

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