OSDD Open Class Room

Breaking away from the traditional hierarchical method of teaching, towards a constructivist approach, OSDD has integrated into Sysborg 2.0 the e learning module which allows a community user to start a wiki resembling course in their core subject area. Following suite, community members contribute with their knowledge on the subject, thus creating a wholesome lesson for rest of the class. Through its highly customizable functions users can create lessons by creating HTML pages, Wiki pages etc. Community members also benefit highly from the resource sharing through ―Articles, Tutorials, Journals. Members can work collectively through formation of groups. To make matters interesting and not just limited to learning, the e-learning module allows for quizzes, assignments and tests. Each course, that a user signs up for get alerts and reminders about the various activities happening in it. To ensure the accuracy as well as quality of the content, the courses are constantly reviewed by the PI’s of OSDD as well as by the community thus following suite of an ―Open Peer Review. Community users can provide their comments as well as additional resource materials for the course. Sysborg 2.0 allows the e-learning program to be robust by the integrating blogs, wall-to-wall interactions, and video supported tutorials. This new method of learning marks a paradigm shift in teaching as well, enabling students to understand and develop a thorough scientific acumen. More importantly community users through their interactions and networking become capable of preparing self-sufficient and intense scientific material. OSDD E Learning Group has 100+ researchers from various countries, that is solving the information related issues of OSDD by collaborating with international science community. One of the major collaboration is with Prof. David Wild of Indiana University in Cheminformatics. Prof. Wild has been conducting virtual classes and real time Skype based classes with OSDD researchers. MCC Cheminformatics team started an open blog class room in which all the YouTube modules related to OSDD are integrated.