OSDD has emerged as a self-sustaining community generating various kinds of resources required for drug discovery research, within the community. All the resources generated by OSDD are open to access. In this context OSDD has created open access biological and chemical repositories.  

Biological Repository:

(i)          Open access clinical strain repository:

This repository contains a collection of M. tuberculosis strains from across the country maintained under bio-safety-regulated environment.

(ii)         Open access clone repository

One of the objectives of OSDD is to establish a centralized repository of high-quality verified research clones of M. tuberculosis that can be distributed to OSDD scientists to aid in their research. First set of ~ 200 targets for cloning have been chosen from the drug targets identified by various in silico and experimental approaches and OSDD today maintains a repository of 116 sequence confirmed Mtb clones.


(iii)        Open access protein repository

OSDD also seeks to maintain an open repository that will contain proteins of important clones of M. tuberculosis, which have been purified to industry standards.

Chemical Repository OSDDChem:

OSDDChem is the open access chemical repository, containing synthesized compounds for screening against TB and Malaria. This open portal encourages researchers and students from various institutions to synthesize and submit well-characterized, pure potential anti-TB molecules/compounds, which are taken up by Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR–CDRI) for screening. The biological screening data for the compounds can also be accessed freely on the OSDDChem portal. So far 1894 virtual and synthesized molecules have been submitted to OSDDChem portal by researchers from about 38 participating institutes. 31 projects have been approved.