OSDD Chemistry

OSDD Chemistry Outreach Program is OSDD’s unique and novel outreach venture to create a small molecule open access repository, involving students and faculty of Chemistry. The program will be coordinated by CSIR–Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR-CDRI), Lucknow.

OSDD aims at encouraging the students in designing novel molecules with anti TB properties and generating small molecule libraries, purify and characterize novel drug like molecules for TB and Malaria as a part of their M.Sc practical classes, last semester projects or summer projects. Students will be imparted practical training in simple easy to perform modern synthetic reactions, purification and characterization methods and will be encouraged to submit the synthesized molecules in the open access molecular repository of OSDD - OSDDChem

Universities and institutes in the country that lack NMR, MS and HPLC facilities are encouraged to send the samples any nearby CSIR laboratory for characterization of their novel molecules.  CSIR has also set up OSDD Chemistry OUTREACH centres in some of its  laboratories, like CSIR–CDRI, CSIR–NCL, CSIR–IICT, CSIR–NIIST, where at any given time students from nearby universities can carry out 2–6 months projects for creating new chemical entities for diseases like TB and malaria. Nodal scientists have been designated in these laboratories to coordinate the activities of this program in their respective regions.

Students and Faculty involved in the synthesis of new molecules are encouraged to submit the synthesized molecules in the open access molecular repository called OSDDChem created especially for this program. OSDDChem is the web interface for large scale submission of synthesized/ virtual chemical compounds to screen them against TB and Malaria. As of now OSDDChem has more than 1850 molecular entries. Any registered member of OSDD can access the website using their SysBorgOpenID for compound submission, viewing submissions or evaluation. 

 Click here for guidelines for project/compound submission